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If you have kids, then you know just how much time goes into planning a vacation. Especially for those with smaller children, there is so much we need to consider ahead of time.  We at Latitude 21 Resorts understand where you are coming from.  We are parents ourselves and we know just how much is at stake in picking the perfect vacation property for your little ones.

5 Keys Things to Consider When Picking the Perfect Vacation Property for Younger Children

We at Latitude 21 Resorts believe, hands down, without a doubt, that the ultimate family vacation property for those with young children is a timeshare rental.  Although it can be a little tricky to find a timeshare unit for rent. Especially if you don’t already own a timeshare, it is still possible to do and highly recommendable.  Read on to see exactly why booking a timeshare rental for your family vacation will guarantee you a stress-free, enjoyable, and above all else, a memorable vacation for your little travelers.

Safety, Latitude 21 Resorts style

Timeshare properties are built for families, hotels are not.  If you don’t already know it, timeshare units are purpose-built to accommodate families on vacation.  They are located in all of the best travel destinations. For example; Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean. And they feature amenities that most hotels haven’t even considered.

Most timeshare properties have multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms built into each unit.  Meaning, when you stay in a timeshare rental, parents can have their own privacy (after all you’re on vacation too). But, the kids are still kept close by, usually in the neighbouring bedroom, inside the same unit.  The hotel solution to parental privacy is to offer adjoining suites; however, this means that your little ones will have their own door leading directly from their room into the outer corridor.  We know that we sleep better at night knowing that the kids are safely tucked away in their own bedroom, which does NOT lead directly outside of the unit.


As any parent knows all too well, ROUTINE is key. Keeping your baby or young children in their routine as much as possible is of paramount importance. Having to deal with a completely new set of surroundings can bring about its own set of challenges. Having to do that with tired, hungry, or grumpy children who have had their routine disrupted makes things even harder. Yes, keeping to your routine is probably one of the most important aspects of a family vacation.

Since timeshare units feature multiple bedrooms and bathrooms it is possible to keep the youngest members of the family in their routine while everyone else goes about their vacation business. Since most timeshare units offer space and multiple bedrooms, there is no need, for example, to turn off the TV in the living room just because it is the baby’s naptime. Everyone has their own space and that keeps things on track.

Sleeping Arrangements

Hotel rooms are never as big as you need them to be. In a hotel room, adults do not get their ‘downtime’ and the children’s sleep can be interrupted.
With a timeshare rental, you have an entire condo at your disposal.  Kids can sleep in separate rooms. This gives the adults the time and space they need. For example to enjoy their evening while their children get their much-needed rest.  Even while older children stay up a little later to watch a vacation movie with mom and dad.  Or perhaps the kids can watch cartoons in their bedroom. Doing so while mom and dad watch a real movie in the living room.  The possibilities are endless.


Let’s face it; children never eat when they’re supposed to…never.  We at are convinced that children plan ahead of time to interrupt the “vacation schedule”.  Staying in a hotel that has fixed meal times just doesn’t work when vacationing with children and adds unneeded stress.  Who wants to worry about getting everyone dressed and downstairs for breakfast by 9 am while you’re on vacation?  The point is to get away from fixed routines!

With a timeshare rental, you can go shopping, store, prepare, and serve delicious and nutritious meals from the comfort of your own kitchen with ease… and on your own schedule too, NOT that of the hotel’s.  Most timeshare rentals come prepared for everything you need including cookware, cutlery, a blender, a refrigerator, and a stovetop.

And we know what you’re thinking…who wants to cook while on vacation?  Let us tell you how we do it:  first of all, we don’t cook on vacation either.  We do, however, keep things such as; cereal, fruit, cheese snacks, prepared frozen meals (you can’t go wrong with a frozen pizza or two on vacation). Not to mention all the other essentials on hand for those tiny tummies.  We also recommend keeping a chilled bottle of wine or two in the fridge for mom and dad to celebrate at bedtime.  See?  A kitchen keeps everyone happy. 

Kid Fun

Latitude21 Resorts
Latitude 21 Resorts

You’re taking the kids on vacation to have fun, right!  Timeshare Resorts are purpose built for family fun. Most properties include lots of extra amenities that the children will love.  Many have large pools, playgrounds, waterslides and/or waterparks. Some even have kid’s clubs. You can drop off your little ones for an hour or two. Maybe while you relax with your favorite novel by the pool.

Hopefully by now you can see the advantages of staying in a timeshare rental when vacationing with small children.  This is often a much better option than any hotel complex or resort. Because you can be completely reassured that when you get there, you have everything you need for your vacation on hand and close by.

Timeshare rentals are an affordable way to give your family a great vacation! Where you are free to enjoy yourselves have fun, and above all else, relax and put your feet up without having to worry about security, routines, mealtimes, and whether or not your little ones are having a good time.  Give a timeshare rental a try, we are sure you’ll love it!


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