Are you Making the Most of Your Timeshare Rentals Advertisement?

The IT development team has rolled out a brand new feature for timeshare rentals advertisers. And right in time for high season in the Latitude21 Resort destinations of Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The new feature is called “Certified Weeks.”

Certified Weeks are Latitude21’s solution to the instant bookings feature found on most travel platforms. In general, when booking a vacation, users expect to be able to search their exact dates and receive a confirmation in that same instant. The issue with timeshare weeks, however, is that most of the inventory is “floating”. That is up until the moment a reservation is made, of course. This is a great feature for a timeshare owner. Conversely it poses some challenges to a timeshare rentals platform, such as

The importance of instant bookings is something that you are already aware of as an online travel shopper. Making an offer for a vacation, before knowing if your desired travel dates are available is something that is almost unheard of in the travel industry. Certified Weeks are weeks that already have a check-in and check-out date attached to them. In other words, they are fixed weeks instead of floating weeks.

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Certifying Your Weeks Will Make it Easier to Rent Your Timeshare

To certify your week, you simply have to call your resort company and make a reservation for specific dates. Keep in mind, when selecting your dates, it is better to choose a Friday or weekend check-in date. This is due to these being the best date for most people to begin their vacation. Once you call your resort and make a reservation for particular dates, your inventory becomes a fixed “Certified Week”. In other words, you should receive an email from your resort with confirmation of your travel dates. Next, you will need to upload the confirmation to your L21R dashboard. This way, a Latitude21Resorts’ agent can confirm that the week is in indeed “certified” or confirmed. If you are unsure of how to do this, simply give your friendly Latitude21Resorts’ agent a call! They will be happy to walk you through the process.

Potential Renters Can Shop Your Advertisement with Confidence

When certifying your weeks, you are telling your possible renters that you have secured specific weeks for them to rent. Having a fixed date on your advertisement gives renters reassurance. They know that those days are guaranteed with the resort. This means that all they have to do is book their vacation with their you through Latitude21Resorts’ timeshare rentals platform. And by having certified weeks they will be on their way to enjoying some quality relaxation time.

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Special Notoriety on our Search Results

Once you go through the process of certifying your weeks, the timeshare rentals platform will automatically mark your advertisement as a certified week. Consequently, our platform will add a “certified week” ribbon to your ad, letting visitors and possible renters know that your piece of inventory is “confirmed.” This means that potential renters will be able to make an instant booking at the moment of check-out. Also, by certifying your weeks for specific dates, your rental advertisement will populate search results more accurately for those dates. This will essentially have the effect of bringing your advertisement higher up in the search results. And of course this means increasing views, and the chance of renters booking with you.

Certify your Weeks in Just 3 Easy Steps

In order to have your property marked as “certified inventory”, and make the most of your Latitude21Resorts timeshare rentals advertisement, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Call your home resort and make a reservation with specific check-in and check-out dates. Remember that Friday, Saturday, or Sunday check-in dates are more popular with renters.
  2. Log into your advertising portal. Upload proof of your reserved dates: click on “Choose file” and upload your proof document or photo.
  3. Select the check-in and check-out dates. Click on “Save date”.

As soon as you hit the button, our Latitude21Resorts vacation specialists will look into the document submitted and promptly mark your property as “certified inventory” and unlock all the great benefits of being a certified week advertiser. Happy Renting!

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SPECIAL BONUS: 5 Key Advantages of Certifying Your Weeks vs. Reviewing Inquiries of Renters

  1. It streamlines the entire transaction by charging the rental gross amount immediately through our merchant business partner.
  2. Certified weeks are advertised on additional channels, having dates guaranteed makes your week more desirable.
  3. You can stop worrying about answering inquiries. By certifying your weeks, the regular inquiry box basically changes to a far more simpler “book now” button. This button fires up our proprietary book now streamlined process window.
  4. Your ad gets a special distinctive ribbon visible in any search where it shows up, attracting more potential renters.

And keep in mind, you can certify as many weeks as you want! This allows your ad to pop up in search results for various dates!


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