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We all know that the name of the game for travel websites can be summed up in just one word: Google

Google has changed the way that travel is searched, booked, or even thought about. Travelers want to be educated these days, before they arrive to a destination. More and more vacationers yearn for experiences. Vacationers want to feel like they really went somewhere and tried something new. They’re looking for great shots for their social media pages and new memories that will last a lifetime.

People don’t generally chose where to travel based on the hotel that they will be staying at. Instead they decide on the destination based on the experiences that the destination has to offer. Great travel websites seek to promote the destination first and the resort properties second. In additional, great travel websites, know that the name of the game, is content…destination specific content. Content is what Google is looking for, and is the key to being indexed on any search result. With that being said, version 3.1 will be heavy on just that… destination specific content.

Improving the Functionality of Latitude 21 Resorts’ Timeshare Rental Advertisement Platform Utilizing Destination Specific Landing Pages

The newest version of, which will be launching before Christmas of 2019, will utilize destination specific landing pages. This will provide a user friendly, Google-loving, and content rich experience. By building and using destination specific landing pages will allow site visitors to narrow their searches. This will allow renters to pinpoint their perfect vacation spot. As a result, vacationers can learn more about what makes your property’s destination so great. It also allows the online Latitude21 Resorts SEO and SEM teams to create destination specific landing campaigns. These pages will then direct the user to the specific destination that they are interested in. This means that the user no longer needs to click first on the main home page and then narrow their result to the destination they’re specifically interested in. The result is a much more seamless user experience.

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Each destination-specific landing page will have details pertaining to that location. In particular, these pages will be useful resources to everyone wanting to travel to Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean. The destination specific landing page will also feature rental advertisements for that specific destination. As a result it will be a more meaningful and convenient experience for users.

A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

By hosting destination specific landing pages, presents vacationers with useful information about your timeshare rental’s destination. Not to mention the accommodations that are available for them to choose from. Consequently your advertisement gains credibility and desirability. Selling the destination first, is an important technique. Remember, we need more people to travel to Latitude21 destinations in Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean…not less. Selling the destinations only makes sense.

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Latitude 21 Resorts’ Destination Specific Landing Pages Work Hand in Hand With Our Professional Tier Advertisements

Latitude 21 Resorts’ destination specific landing pages are the perfect place to showcase your professional level advertisement. These destination specific landing pages, whilst being promoted through various online marketing campaigns, have the superior advantage of constantly receiving traffic from potential renters interested in your property’s destination. Professional level ads will be the featured ads for our destination specific landing pages at no additional cost.


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