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Google is the key to making it happen for travel websites, like The Latitude 21 SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) teams have always promoted the site using standard SEO and SEM tools. Because of the relatively small size of Latitude 21 Resorts versus online travel goliaths like Expedia or Airbnb, they have been held back from really joining the “big-leagues” so to speak. However, over the summer, Latitude 21 Resorts was finally able to reach a marketing threshold with Google. This has therefore opened up a very important advertising tool to Latitude 21: Google Banner Ads.

What is a Google Banner Ad?

Google Banner Ads are those little banners that show up to the top or to the side of whatever site you happen to be visiting. They generally feature snappy titles and attractive graphics to get your attention. Unfortunately these ads are unavailable for relatively small start-ups. Google only allows Google Banner Ads to be utilized by websites that have reached certain thresholds. Basically milestones within their advertising campaigns. We are happy to announce that has finally reached these thresholds and milestones.

What does this mean for Latitude 21?

This is exciting news for all advertisers. Because generally the click-through and conversion rates for Google Banner Ads is much higher than those on pay-per-click campaigns. Higher click-through rates means more site visitors and higher conversion rates mean more offers for your timeshare rentals.

The Latitude21Resorts’ SEO and SEM teams will be utilizing this excellent online marketing tool more and more in the future. These ads will be used to drive more and more traffic to our advertisers’ timeshare rental advertisements.

Be sure to check out our large assortment of top notch vacation rentals, featuring Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean!


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