Latitude21Resorts is launching it’s “Life is Better Here” Social Media Campaign!

Life is Better Here!

Getting more rental offers is a primary concern for We love our advertisers and would like to see every single advertiser receive an offer for their timeshare rental. In this issue of the newsletter, we have announced’s brand new website, version 3.0, with all sorts of new bells and whistles that will improve user experience and get more rental offers. We have also shared our plans to launch new content rich, destination specific landing pages to promote each of the destinations. We also announced reaching the very important milestone of offering Google Adwords Ads. And now we’d like to remind you that there is much that you can do to help.

L21R Logo - Life is Better Here!

Social Media is Key

With the launch of the new version 3.0 site, we have introduced to the world a new image and brand for Latitude21Resorts. This has meant that we have had to overhaul our social media sites, as well. The old social media sites reflected the first version of our brand, but were looking outdated in comparison to the new look and feel of our new site. So we made the decision to give a facelift to our social media campaigns and to begin a series of paid advertisements in order to increase our social media following. With, social media becoming an ever more important part of the travel landscape, we are happy to announce the launch of our new “Life is Better Here” campaign, beginning on December 1st, 2019.

The “Life is Better Here” campaign will feature daily tweets, posts, pics, and articles describing why life really is better in the Latitude21 destinations. The new campaign will give you an opportunity to share why you believe “Life is Better Here,” as well. Our destinations in Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean are magical…but what makes them magical? We think that you, our Latitude21 Advertisers, are best suited to answering this question and more for our rental audience, and we’d like to give you an opportunity to participate in our marketing efforts.

So dig out those special vacation pics. Think about some great vacation pointers you can share. Recall what made you believe that “Life is Better Here” at Latitude21… and get ready to share, like, tweet, and love our “Life is Better Here” campaign launching on December 1st, 2019…just in time for our travel high season.


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