Latitude 21 Resorts Reviews Timeshare Vacations vs. Hotel Vacations

Latitude 21 Resorts Reviews Timeshares

Latitude 21 Resorts Reviews Hotels

Latitude 21 Resorts Reviews Timeshare Style Vacations

Timeshare Resorts Offer Better Vacations

Scheduling a vacation takes quite a bit of time, considerable patience, and a lot of planning. It starts with finding an ideal time to take off of work. Then having to schedule flights, looking for suitable accommodations, and arranging transportation to and from the airport. This can be a very stressful task. The day before you leave, you make sure that all your bases are covered. When the checklist is completed, you are now ready, and hoping everything will go as planned.

When the time finally comes to leave your daily life behind for a week or two, your mind and body go into vacation mode. The flight and your connections fall right into place. While enjoying the inflight movie and having a beverage, you start thinking about how much fun you’re going to have. After picking up your luggage and making your way through the terminal, the prearranged shuttle service pulls up right on time. Everything seems to be going as planned!

Latitude 21 Resorts Reviews Timeshares

You arrive at your resort/hotel on time, ready to go full speed ahead. Here is where your dream begins, or turns into a complete nightmare. A successful vacation is usually determined on how nice the accommodations, amenities, and services are at your selected resort/hotel. Hopefully you chose the right vacation site to book your room or suite. Vacation sites like offer exceptional timeshare accommodations at many of the world’s most exclusive resorts. So why do timeshare resorts offer better vacations? Well that is why you are here, reading this article, right?! Let’s get to it then!

Latitude 21 Resorts Reviews Hotels

Excellent Accommodations

The biggest difference between timeshare style accommodations versus hotel style accommodations is the space. Hotels generally provide a couple of beds and a bathroom. Timeshares on the other hand give you a kitchen, a living room, one or more private bedrooms, generally with on suite bathrooms and plenty of space and privacy for everyone.

Latitude 21 Resorts Reviews Hotels

No matter if you need a studio model, a one or two-bedroom suite, or a full-size condo, all the units are in impeccable shape. Depending on the unit you decide on, it will have everything you need to make you and your guests comfortable. Unlike a typical resort/hotel, timeshare units are maintained by a paid management company that works for the unit’s owner. It will have plenty of towels, linens, appliances, and other necessities that will make your stay a memorable one. They also provide maid service at least once a day, which makes for a stress-free stay.

Latitude 21 Resorts Reviews Timeshares

Ultimate Amenities

A typical or commercial brand resort and hotel won’t always provide all the amenities that a timeshare resort has to offer. Most timeshare resorts have family facilities such as a kids’ pool, outdoor playground, and/or playroom. On the adult side of things there is a larger pool, a lounging area that provides umbrellas, sunbeds, and there are usually plenty of activities. There are a variety of restaurants, buffets, and snack and beverage bars that offer a full-service waitstaff.

Location is Everything

Not all resorts and hotels are located on or near the beach. On the other hand, timeshare resorts are funded by paid ownership and therefore are situated in very desirable areas. Places like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and many Caribbean destinations offer exclusive locations that host miles of white sand beaches, beautiful turquoise water, and plenty of outdoor activities. They also provide plenty of lounge chairs – beach and poolside, umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as food and beverage services.

When scheduling your dream vacation getaway, do yourself a favor by taking a look at timeshare rentals. Choose from a wide variety of locations and then select the accommodations that will work best for you and your family. Why not take all the advantages that a timeshare owner has without having to purchase one? Don’t settle for second best when you can have everything you want and more!

Latitude 21 Resorts Reviews

We hope you enjoyed our Latitude 21 Resorts Reviews timeshare units and check out our list of great timeshares for rental at What are you waiting for? Remember, Life is better here!


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