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Latitude21Resorts Reviews the coolest destinations to ring in the New Year.

Just like that, the year has come to an end and another year has begun! We at Latitude21Resorts know that New Year’s Eve can be a nightmare to arrange. With plan-making often forgotten each year in favor of navigating the chaos of Christmas. In fact, we know that usually New Year’s Eve will be spent the exact same way every year. Perhaps at your favorite bar, out watching the local fireworks, or simply a night at home with the family. That’s why we’re here to encourage you to think outside the box! With a fun-filled vacation for next year’s New Year! We know it sounds a bit daunting to plan a massive New Year’s vacation. But we’re here to help! With a handy cheat-sheet of the coolest New Year’s Eve celebrations in our favorite Latitude21Resorts Reviews destinations!

Honolulu, Hawaii

Why Latitude21 loves it for New Year’s

What better way to welcome the New Year than from the balmy, comforting warmth of Hawaii? This magnificent change in pace and scenery will make this New Year one to remember.

How to celebrate

Ring in the New Year aboard The Majestic cruise ship! Departing at around 10PM, you’ll sail around the twinkling lights of Honolulu as you tuck into a mouthwatering feast. Including New York loin strip medallions, shrimp cocktails, salads, blackened ahi and Thai summer rolls. Gaze through the enormous panoramic windows at Honolulu’s dramatic coastline. And at midnight raise a complimentary glass of champagne as you take in the delightful Waikiki fireworks.

Where to stay

Stay in a comfortable studio suite at the Kuhio Banyan Club, complete with your very own kitchenette area perfect for cooking up healthy meals that stick to all those New Year’s Resolutions! Kuhio Banyan Club hotel is just a five-minute walk from all the pleasures on offer at Waikiki Beach. Including snorkeling, canoeing and windsurfing.

5 Other Great Things To Do In Honolulu

  1. Take a trip back through time at Pearl Harbor
  2. Explore and shop in the trendy Waikiki district
  3. Hike the Diamond Head Summit Trail
  4. Try surfing on the North Shore
  5. Take a dip under the Manoa waterfalls

Cancun, Mexico

Why Latitude21 loves it for New Year’s

Why wouldn’t you want to ring in the New Year in paradise? Recharge and reset in time for the New Year by soaking in the sun and sea on a tranquil beach in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, and then make the most of Cancun’s 5-star nightlife scene as the clock strikes twelve.

How to celebrate

Indulge in a celebratory dinner at one of Cancun’s many amazing fine-dining options; perhaps sushi at Tora Mexico, or an innovative Mexican/French blend at Du Mexique. From here, head to Coco Bongo, a unique nightclub jam-packed with live music, impersonators and show-stopping acrobatics. You’ll love it so much, you’ll already be thinking about returning for New Year’s Eve next year! On New Year’s Day, recover from your hangover with brunch in the charming gardens at Café Antoinette.

Where to stay

Unwind in one of our centrally-located, luxurious vacation rentals at the Sunset Marina Hotel, Krystal Cancun Hotel, or the Ocean Spa Hotel. Each of these resorts boasts lavish, comfortable, spacious rooms, and incredible facilities. Head over to our Cancun promos page to see which of our great value promotion packages is perfect for you!

5 Other Great Things To Do In Cancun

  1. Visit the breathtaking Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza for the day
  2. Explore the underground rivers at Rio Secreto
  3. Enjoy a thrill-seeking day of adventures at Selvatica eco-park
  4. Shop in the markets in Downtown Cancun
  5. Go scuba diving at the Cancun Underwater Museum

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Latitude21 Latitude 21 Latitude21Resorts Resorts

Why Latitude21 loves it for New Year’s

Not only is Puerto Vallarta absolutely stunning with the beautiful Sierra Madre mountain range meeting the Bay of Banderas, it is absolutely steeped with Holiday traditions.  Puerto Vallarta is a more traditional Mexican experience in general. With it’s cobblestone streets and charming Malecon (boardwalk). So during the holidays it absolutely comes alive.  You’ll be able to stroll the Malecon, visit the dozens of local art galleries, and visit it’s beautiful cathedral… all of it decked out for the holidays.  However, the hands down number one reason we suggest spending New Years Eve in Puerto Vallarta is for the stunning fireworks display they have over the bay. 

How to Celebrate

Every year, dozens of boats head out to the beautiful Bay of Banderas to take in the sights.  At exactly midnight, the fireworks begin…and they are spectacular.  We recommend the night activity called, Rhythms of the Night by Vallarta Adventures.  This is great tour that you can take the whole family on. And one that Latitude21Resorts Reviews.

The evening begins aboard one of their yachts.  They take you across the bay to a secluded beach called, Las Caletas.  There, you dine on a traditional Mexican buffet (who doesn’t like Mexican food?) which includes your drinks.  After dinner, you take a walk down a jungle path lit by tiki-torches to an outdoor theatre to watch, Savia.  A production by Gilles Ste-Croix, one of the co-founders of Cirque du Soleil. Latitude21Resorts Reviews Cirque du Soleil also.

After the show, you have some free time to wander around the secluded beach before hopping back on your yacht.  The captain positions the boat exactly in the center of the Bay just before the stroke of midnight.  They countdown and then magic happens when the whole Bay explodes with fireworks, shouts, and music.  It really is a night to remember.

Where to Stay

We recommend staying in the Nuevo Vallarta area.  It is actually a little outside of Puerto Vallarta. However it is really worth it to be outside of the traffic in downtown Puerto Vallarta.  Also, the beaches are much bigger and nicer than Puerto Vallarta and the resorts are newer.

Extra plus: the pier to board your Vallarta Adventures Rhythms of the Night tour is right around the corner from most of the properties in Nuevo Vallarta. This means you deal with absolutely zero New Year’s Eve traffic.

Here is the Latitude21Resorts link to our recommended vacation rentals in Nuevo Vallarta, we highly recommend them!


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