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New Platform Feature: Certified Weeks

The Latitude21Resorts.com IT development team has rolled out a brand new feature right in time for high season in the Latitude21 Resort destinations of Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The new feature is called “Certified Weeks.”

Latitude21Resorts.com is Rolling out Version 3.0, Our Most Advanced Timeshare Rental Advertising Platform Ever!

Latitude21Resorts.com understands the importance of catering to the online travel market. Hence our version 3.0 website is here!

Latitude21Resorts.com Answers the Question: Why is Mexico Such a Great Place to Vacation?

According to the United Nations, Mexico as a country ranks 8th out of the top 10 most popular destinations for international tourism.

Latitude21 Resorts Asks: Could Timeshare Rentals be the New Trend in the Travel Industry?

Latitude21 Resorts knows there is no doubt that the FRBO (for-rent-by-owner) concept has caused the entire travel industry to reconsider the value offering of a standard hotel room.
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How to Pull Off a Family Christmas Abroad by Latitude21Resorts.com

We at Latitude21Resorts.com think that breaking up the holiday blues is best done by mixing it up a bit. Why not take a Family Christmas vacation abroad?